What’s your blog about, Amy?

Um, hmm, well?

I don’t fricken know.

Is it about parenting?

I am a parent. I’m sure I’ll talk about baby stuff, kid stuff, and parent stuff. Though, I’ve only been a parent for one out my thirty five years on this planet, so I have a lot more to talk about besides that. That said, just because I’ve only been a parent for a year or so does not mean I don’t have some stuff to say about it. I believe that anyone who has any amount of experience with being a parent, wanting to be a parent, having parents, or not having parents has valuable insight on the topic.

What else is it about then?

The things I’m passionate about like mental health and relationships. Things I’m proud of that I want to help others with like pulling myself out of debilitating debt and traveling on a budget. Things I love to do and am finally letting myself say I’m good at such as cooking, biking, and MacGyvering (it’s a thing and I’m a natural). All while inserting some hopefully well-timed and mostly appropriate humor.

Are you trying to make money?

Probably not. As far as I understand, that would involve affiliates. Companies that pay me to use/promote/sell their products. That is just not me and I should know, I was in retail for ages and I was great at it. Honesty is at the root of my soul (which is a flattering way to say I’m a crappy liar and if you break my trust you probably can’t get it back) and when money is involved it just doesn’t feel genuine to me. Someday if I sell a book, articles, or get speaking engagements, that would be great. For now though, this is just my outlet and hopefully it is useful to someone in some way. Even if it’s just me.

You’re going to need lots of pretty pictures.

Ugh. No. Pictures, yes. However, they will not be staged or heavily edited. There will not be artificial lighting. I will not clean any more than I normally do. I know that I for one am seriously craving some realness on the internet these days, so I vow to only contribute to that realness. Will it not get as many hearts and likes and tweets and blah blah? Probably, but again, honesty. That’s just my jam.

For example:

This is my daughter playing with our kitten today. Yeah, I see the mismatched rugs, the hand-me down table and chairs, the rice on the floor from lunch, the beer can and box of thank you cards she loves to play with under the table, her old baby bathtub in the kitchen she was pushing around, the stroller that needs to go downstairs, the cluttered kitchen cart, the big red pot getting too much attention, her pj shirt from last night with her pants she’ll be wearing today, and her diaper sticking out, but that’s life folks! Do I think this is a great picture? No. It was just a beautiful moment of the baby and kitten having a great time with a mouse on a stick reminding why I’m so glad to be where I am and for a moment not regretting the kitten decision. I love it. At least my cabinets all happened to be closed.

Ok, well good luck then!



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