About Me

Hi! Howdy! ‘Sup?!

First thing you should know about me is that it is painfully difficult for me to keep this About Me stuff under 1000 words. Just channel that into your posts and save these people some time. Good idea.

I grew up Missouri, 85% suburb kid, 15% city kid, with lots of camping and traveling. After four mostly unsuccessful years of college painfully spread over five years I popped into Minnesota for a little break and ended up finding my people and my home. My husband grew up in the mountains and desert of southern California plus some western states bouncing after high school before also finding his happy place in Minneapolis. Our one-year-old daughter is growing up in our city apartment we’ve been attached to for 10 years, so far. If I’m not hiking, camping, biking, traveling, cooking, baking, gardening, playing or napping with the baby, trying a new brewery or restaurant, getting us out for some weird event, or getting together with our family of close friends, then I’m home planning to do one of those things.