My Daughter’s Dad’s Father’s Day

Photo credit: Molly Combs

Since today is Friday and Father’s Day is Sunday, today was really my day to figure out what to do for my husband. Of course my mind automatically does what most minds do and thought, “What would I want? Do that!” Then hopefully most of the time we say no, silly brain, that’s not how this works. Come noon though, I was feeling clueless.

Tyler and I have very different love languages and it is HARD for me to speak his instead of mine sometimes. Case in point, months ago I got us tickets to an ice cream flavor contest tasting at my favorite ice cream place that falls on Father’s Day. It’s his favorite too, but tickets to a thing is definitely an Amy-centric gift. Last year for his first Father’s Day, we went camping four hours up the north shore of Lake Superior. For those that know us, this was NOT a gift for Tyler at all. Luckily for my conscious, he had a great time, but this year I need to make it about him.

I do know what he doesn’t want. He doesn’t want to run around town trying to make brunch reservations. He doesn’t want to go grocery shopping on his way home from work Friday, keep the baby occupied while I put together an epic picnic, and pack up the bikes for an hour to go a few miles to a park while we try to eat and keep a toddler from jumping in a lake. He thinks watches are obsolete, just got a new tennis racquet I talked him into splurging on, and gifts aren’t his love language anyway.

If I were to ask him, he would say he wants nothing. To have no plans, get the same old dinner delivered, and watch some Dragon Ball Z before bed. While I’m sure he’d be fine with that, I know he’d still love something memorable. Like most people who say they don’t like attention, he fricken loves it. Most importantly, he deserves a day hearing what a great dad he is and it sticking. I do not do a good enough job telling him, so I need drive that message home this Sunday.

What does speak to him? Words. The man loves words. Everyone that knows him is probably nodding their heads right now and maybe let out a chuckle. He loves reading, talking, and “debating” (which is currently under debate as to whether he actually likes debating or if he really just loves arguing). Sweetly enough, he especially loves my words. His support of my writing is why I’m doing it. I never would have thought my writing was worth reading without his push.

This is how I will make this Father’s Day about him while still Amy-fying it as he would say:

Dear Tyler,

I’m so happy for our daughter. She hit the jackpot when she got you for a dad. Along with your goofiness, your adorableness, your intelligence, and your love of doing voices (what 16 month old does a perfect zombie impression!?) she definitely got your good luck.

She loves everything about you. You were the first one to really make her laugh and you still can get her to laugh the loudest. Yes, it’s all “Kitty!” when you open the door after her nap, but she always yells for you first and demands we call you when you’re not home as soon as she wakes up.

The look you give her when your heart is overflowing for her overwhelms me. I know that you love her like I do, which is just bonkers (please give her your vocabulary too…). It’s hard not to get a confidence boost from seeing you two together, solidifying that I made a damn good decision giving her you as her dad.

As great as you already are, you are always trying to be greater and I see it all the time. From adding more recipes to your repertoire to looking up the melody to Baby Beluga (yes, I saw that in the search history). More importantly, she’ll see it during her childhood and she’ll carry that feeling of love and caring throughout her entire life.

I’m sorry I don’t say it more, but you are an absolutely amazing dad. That’s not just my opinion, it’s the consensus around here.


Your Family


You know I also had to get you something somewhat tangible, so we made you a pie. The bigger part of that gift is that we cleaned up after, so you wouldn’t have to. Seriously, sugar EVERYWHERE, but that’s how you know she really did help. Also, Sunday we can order whatever you want and watch tons of Dragon Ball Z.

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